LAWA to Transfer Ownership of Ontario Airport

ONT LAWALos Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the city department responsible for managing LAX, Ontario and Van Nuys airports, has agreed to return Ontario Airport’s ownership back to the city of Ontario.
Ontario Airport (IATA: ONT) was acquired by the city of Los Angeles in 1985 on the understanding it would make every effort to attract to attract new airlines and services.
The return of ownership follows years of negotiations and litigation and allows both parties to avoid a potentially hugely expensive court case over ownership which was due to open on August 17.
The handover of power still requires approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration and local government departments, so the process is unlikely to be completed until next year. Assuming the move is approved, ONT will be operated by the Ontario International Airport Authority through a deal between the city of Ontario and San Bernardino County.