First Calibration Flights set for new St Helena Airport

St Helena Airport
A historic milestone is set to be reached next week when a Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft is due to land at the new St Helena Airport to carry out a series of calibration flights. This will be the first aircraft to land on St Helena.
Air Support Safety International has carried out an assessment of the Airport infrastructure and safety procedures. As a result, an exemption was granted until September 30 2015 to enable the calibration flights to go ahead.
The aircraft is due to arrive between Sunday 13 and Thursday 17 September 2015, dependent upon suitable weather and other factors. The precise date and time of arrival is therefore still to be determined, but every effort will be made to inform the public as early as possible.
The calibration tests will be undertaken by Flight Calibration Services Limited (FCSL) who will travel to St Helena on the aircraft leased from TAB in South Africa. The aircraft will fly from Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, to Namibia, then to Angola and on to St Helena, taking approximately four hours for the final leg of the journey to the Island.
The aircraft is set to remain on the Island for around a week, undertaking several flights each day (weather permitting).


  1. How big is the aircraft? And how many passages can it have on board?
    It is a Beech 200, a type often used for executive services with just a few seats. However, this particular one is a calibration aircraft so it does not carry passengers.

  2. Is this the route the Aircraft when in service for passages will be taking?
    Also we would like to know the cost of the flights to St Helena.

  3. Wow! St Helena’ first airport! From the photo, the runway looks quite long but of course it may only 10m wide!

  4. Is this the first time an aircraft has been able to land at ST HELENA. I am a producer with Carte Blanche and am looking at this as a possible story.

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