German Airports Select Morpho Itemiser 4DX Trace Detectors

Morpho / Safran
Morpho (Safran), through its subsidiary Morpho detection has announced a contract with the German Federal Police for 160 Itemiser 4DX explosives trace detectors (ETD).
Under terms of the contract, Itemiser 4DX is currently deployed to screen passengers and baggage at airport checkpoints throughout Germany to ensure compliance with new EU legislation for enhanced explosives screening. In addition, local Morpho Detection partner ELP GmbH will provide maintenance services to ensure maximum system uptime and peak performance.
Morpho says the Itemiser 4DX is a lightweight, portable desktop system powered by a non-radioactive Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer source, which detects and identifies trace amounts of explosives on skin, clothing, carried items, bags, vehicles and other surfaces.
“The German Federal Police helps secure air travel at some of the busiest airports in Europe and we are thrilled they have recognized the operational and detection capabilities of Itemiser 4DX by selecting it to protect travelers,” said Karen Bomba, President and CEO, Morpho Detection.
“The ability of Itemiser 4DX to non-invasively detect and identify explosives in challenging environments, combined with Morpho’s global service partnerships, helps airports increase return on investment (ROI) while planning for growth and evolving security mandates,” said Ms Bomba.
Morpho says its Itemiser 4DX eliminates the administrative, regulatory, storage and shipping requirements associated with a radiation-emitting trace detection source. By leveraging long-life consumables and internal calibration, it seeks to minimize operational costs for airports and air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and government and critical infrastructure installations.