Finnair’s First A350 Visits Heathrow

Finnair A350 LHROn October 15 Heathrow welcomed the arrival of Finnair’s first commercial flight on an A350 XWB. The new Airbus A350 XWB’s cutting-edge technology reduces both nitrogen oxide emissions and noise, helping Heathrow be a better neighbour to local residents.
Matt Gorman, Heathrow Director of Environment and Sustainability said:
“Thanks to the efforts of partners like Finnair, airlines operate aircraft at Heathrow that are on average 15% quieter than their global fleet. Newer planes like the A350 XWB also have the navigational technology to allow for steeper approaches, a flight procedure which keeps aircraft higher for longer and which Heathrow is beginning to trial this autumn.
“The A350 XWB’s engines are not only quiet, they also use less fuel, produce fewer emissions, and ultimately help Heathrow be a better neighbour.”
Pekka Vauramo, Finnair Chief Executive said:
“Finnair is proud to be the first European airline to fly the A350 XWB which is the world’s most modern and efficient aircraft. It is the future of flying and takes customer comfort to a completely new level,”
“The A350 XWB is a much quieter aircraft with considerable savings in CO2 emissions, supporting our ambitious environmental targets.”
Finnair’s A350 XWB will operate out of various locations in Europe over the next two weeks in order to familiarize the crew with the aircraft. Pending delivery, a scheduled commercial service is expected to begin operating with the aircraft early next year.
New aircraft technology will ensure that even with expansion at Heathrow, air quality limits will be met and fewer people around the airport will be affected by aircraft noise than today. This was confirmed by the Airports Commission in their recommendation to the government, which also stated that at least 200,000 fewer people are expected to be within Heathrow’s noise footprint by the time an additional runway opens.