Boeing and EL AL Israel Airlines Agree on 787 Dreamliner Order

787 Landing at Sydney Australia K65674

787 Landing at Sydney Australia K65674
787 Landing at Sydney Australia

Boeing and EL AL Israel Airlines have agreed on an order for up to nine 787 Dreamliners, valued at more than US$2.2 billion at current list prices. Boeing says three of the orders will be added to its Orders & Deliveries website on November 5 and the remainder will be posted as further contractual requirements are finalised.
EL AL will also lease six additional 787s from independent leasing companies as the Israeli-flag carrier looks to replace and grow its existing long-haul fleet, increasing capacity and providing greater route flexibility to and from its hub at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv.
On October 29, David Maimon, President and Chief Executive Officer, EL AL commented: “I am proud to unveil today the largest aircraft acquisition programme in the history of EL AL. Our agreement to purchase 787 Dreamliners is a significant step forward in the optimization of our route network, enhancing passenger service and the overall flight experience.
“These aircraft are the latest and most advanced in the world and are efficient and economical. I am convinced that this move is a great opportunity to meet the high standard expected of us and continue the momentum in EL AL’s focus to provide our customer with maximum comfort, the newest and best technology and deliver a high standard of service on-board.”
EL AL has been an all-Boeing carrier since taking delivery of its first Boeing aircraft in 1961 and currently operates a fleet of 22 737s, seven 747s, seven 767s and six 777s.