New Control Tower for Bogota El Dorado Airport

Torre de Control de El Dorado
The President of the Republic of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, has opened and declared pre-operational the new ATC control tower and the management and control building of the civil aviation of El Dorado International Airport (IATA: BOG). Standing at approximately 295ft (90m), it is now the tallest ATC tower in Latin America. The works were constructed by FCC, the Spanish environmental services, infrastructure and water group, in Bogota, approximately ten miles to the west of the Colombian capital city.
In his speech, President Santos noted that this new aviation infrastructure is an accurate reflection of the transformation the country is going through. It is also a symbol of modernity that will bring peace, equality and education to all Colombians, which is the main aim of the current government. President Santos went on to say that the new Management Centre at the airport will respond to the growth of airport operations, increasing from 58 to 90 flights every hour. He added that this was an example of the competitiveness that Colombia needs as a country.
The President also celebrated the recent elimination of visa requirements for Colombian citizens to travel to Europe.
El Dorado International Airport received an investment of over US$50 million during the 40-month programme and now has a surface area of 172,222sq ft (16,000m²). FCC has completed an infrastructure that will service the rise in air traffic volume at It is the busiest cargo airport in Latin America (648,000 tonnes per year) and the third busiest passenger airport (20.4 million per year).

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  1. This shows that the Colombian government is ready and is geared towards the improvement and development of the aviation industry.

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