Egypt Completes Preliminary Metrojet Report

The Egyptian authorities have announced the completion of the preliminary report into the loss of the Metrojet airliner which crashed in the Sinai desert on October 31. Captain Ayman El Mokaddem, chief of the international investigation committee studying the incident, revealed that no indication of “unlawful interference” had yet come to light so the committee is continuing its work regarding the technical investigation.
Captain El Mokaddem said the report has been sent to all accredited representatives for the States that have the right to participate in the investigation, and ICAO. He explained that the wreckage investigation has extended for more than ten miles (16km) from the main wreckage site and added that all the concerned parties including the insurance company officials and the Russian working team were invited to examine the wreckage at the site. He said this was done in accordance with international regulations, before transferring the wreckage from the site.
Flight Data Recorder information indicated that all the flights made by this airplane, five days before the accident were between Russian and Egyptian airports. For the flight just before the final sector, the aircraft departed from Samara, Russia, and landed at Sharm El Sheik. A detailed examination of the aircraft’s engineering history stretching back to 1997 is underway and information related to the pilots’ training is also being studied.