Volunteers Invited to Test Dubai Airport’s Concourse D

(Image courtesy of Dubai Airports)

(Image courtesy of Dubai Airports)
(Image courtesy of Dubai Airports)

Members of the public have been invited to volunteer as ‘passengers’ to help test the operational readiness of Dubai International Airport’s new Concourse D. A number of trials have already been completed as the facility moves towards operational status and the volunteer ‘passengers’ will test the building’s readiness on February 6.
The trial is designed to test the systems and processes across the facility, as well as staff preparedness by simulating typical airport operating scenarios. As part of trial some 2,500 volunteers – men, women, children and senior citizens will play the role of passengers travelling to different destinations, arriving, departing, and transiting through the facility in order to test access, traffic flow, way-finding signage, and other scenarios specific to the airport’s many strategic partners, such as police, immigration and customs, as well as food and beverage and retail concessionaires. The operational trials are designed to simulate a ‘live’ environment and help Dubai Airports test facilities, processes and staff capability ultimately paving the way to a successful opening and smooth entry into operations.
The building represents the final element of the US$7.8 billion Strategic Plan 2020 announced by operator Dubai Airports in 2011 and will raise DXB’s theoretical passenger capacity to 90 million per year.
The building was originally scheduled to open in December 2015 and more than 70 airlines will use the concourse when it is declared operational.


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