Deal Between Jet Aviation Zurich and Lufthansa Group

JZRH Dispenser Fueling 1 - Copy
Jet Aviation Zurich has announced a recently signed agreement with the Lufthansa Group to provide high-volume fuel uplifts through docked dispenser fuelling. The company successfully fuelled its first Lufthansa Group aircraft with dispenser fuelling on January 1, 2016.
As part of its agreement with Lufthansa, Jet Aviation Zurich purchased two new dispenser trucks and hired five new truck operators, thereby expanding its fuelling team to 18, and sent three refuelling operators to Frankfurt, Germany, for dispenser training.‎ Jet Aviation Zurich provided dispenser fueling to a Swiss International Air Lines aircraft — a Geneva-bound Airbus A320 — for the first time on January 1, 2016. Swiss is owned by the Lufthansa Group.
Monica Beusch, General Manager of Jet Aviation Zurich and head of FBO Services in EMEA and Asia commented: “We have been fuelling aircraft under the Lufthansa Group for more than 35 years. This dispenser fuelling agreement attests Lufthansa’s trust in us to meet their needs to the highest standards.”