Emergency Terminal Built by Quiport

Matna Temp terminal April 2016
The city of Manta, Ecuador, lost its air links with the rest of the country after the area was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 16. The terminal building at Manta’s Eloy Alfaro Airport was significantly damaged, leaving it unfit for commercial services. There was an urgent need to restart flights to the country’s North-Center Coastal region that was devastated by the earthquake.
Operations were resumed on April 25 thanks to an emergency passenger terminal built by Corporación Quiport – the Mariscal Sucre Airport concessionaire – in coordination with the Civil Aviation Directorate (“DGAC”) and Avianca’s support as a means to help the country to overcome the emergency.
Quiport and the Mariscal Sucre Airport have been providing their valuable cooperation during the emergency by coordinating flights carrying aid, rescue workers, doctors and volunteers from Quito to the areas hit by the earthquake and also coordinating flights coming from abroad with donations. However, Andrew O’Brian, CEO of Corporación Quiport explained: “We wished to help even more efficiently, and that is why we identified that our contribution would be the rehabilitation of the Eloy Alfaro Airport so that it could once again handle regular commercial flights as soon as possible and, thus, resume that city’s connection with the rest of the country. We felt, as airport professionals, that this was our duty.”