Good Figures Reported at Fraport AGM



At its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Frankfurt on May 19
Fraport Group’s Executive Board Chairman, Dr Stefan Schulte, has described the airport operator’s 2015 fiscal results as a “success” and in keeping with the company’s expectations.
The comments were made to shareholders at the company’s Annual General Meeting held on May 19.
Frankfurt Airport’s Revenue increased by 8.5% to €2.6 billion while the Group’s operating profit (EBITDA) grew by almost €60 million (7.4%) to some €850 million. The Group result increased at an even stronger rate of €45 million (18%), to reach a new record value of almost €300 million.
Fraport says the increasing number of passengers using Frankfurt Airport – especially intercontinental traffic – was the basis for the strong financial development. This was boosted by a strong net retail income per passenger, which jumped by 19 cents to €3.62.
A Fraport statement said: “Despite diverging results at various locations, Fraport’s external business contributed positively to financial success in fiscal 2015. In particular, results from the airports in Lima (LIM) and Ljubljana (LJU), along with the US-based Airmall retail subsidiary more than compensated for the weak performance at Antalya (AYT) and St. Petersburg (LED).”
Fraport’s CEO expressed his thanks to all the employees for their outstanding contribution every day of the year in serving passengers and airlines: “They are making it possible for us to present such great results to our shareholders,” Mr Schulte added.