Singapore Changi Fully Operational Again After Aircraft Fire

Singapore Changi Airport is fully operational again after an aircraft fire had temporarily closed one of the aircraft’s runways.
The airport has issued a statement saying: “Early this morning [June 27], SQ368, a Singapore Airlines (SIA) B777 aircraft bound for Milan, chose to return to Singapore as the indicator for its right engine had shown oil loss.
“Shortly after landing, a fire was observed to have occurred in the vicinity of the aircraft’s right engine. Changi’s Airport emergency service, which was already on standby, responded promptly and the fire was extinguished within 5 minutes. SATS also contributed to ensuring the safety of the passengers and flight crew. No one was hurt during the incident.
“The runway on which the aircraft landed was closed for about 5 hours for repairs and clean-up. Landings and take-offs continued on the other runway. Whilst some flights were impacted, all flights were able to take off within one hour of their scheduled departure times.”