Authority Transition for Gerald R Ford International Airport

(Photo: GFIA)
(Photo: GFIA)

After 60 years of governance from Kent County, Michigan, Gerald R Ford International Airport Authority (IATA: GRR) is now operating as an airport authority. The Authority transition was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on July 1, with support from Kent County Commissioners and government officials.
Kent County previously owned and operated the airport, through its Department of Aeronautics, with major policy matters decided by the Kent County Board of Commissioners through the Gerald R Ford International Airport Board. The transition to an Airport Authority has transferred governance to a regional Airport Authority Board, appointed by the County Board of Commissioners.
The transfer to an authority operation creates an independent governing enterprise whose sole purpose is the future development of the Airport, greater levels of economic development and proactive commercial revenue development, a stronger regional focus to respond to air service needs, and a more entrepreneurial, business, and hospitality management focus – driven by customer service.
“This is a historical day for our region, our county, and our airport,” said Roger Morgan, GFIAA Board Chairman and Kent County Commissioner. “The transfer to an Authority has been a goal of our Board’s for several years, and to see the teamwork, the collaboration of organizations, and the FAA’s support has been truly remarkable. We had a smooth process along the way, and we are grateful to each and every person who assisted us in this transition.”