Korean Air Inflight Catering Record

Korean Air produce a record number of in-flight meals, 30th July 2016
Korean Air set a new record for its daily production of inflight meals on July 30 when the company produced meals for 84,936 passengers breaking its previous record of 80,332 set just a few days earlier on July 27. The company says its meal production has steadily increased over the past year, with a 2015 record of 77,339 meals on August 1 surpassed by 79,905 meals this February.
The airline says the July 30 figure was largely driven by another record set at Incheon International Airport. A total of 193,420 people used the airport on that same day, breaking the previous record of 189,734. The number was surpassed again on July 31 with 201,079 visitors.
Korean Air says it has been investing both time and money to develop new menus for inflight meals, with food choices being seen as a top business priority.
The airline currently operates Korea’s largest inflight meal production facilities at Incheon and Gimpo international airports, providing meals for the 49 global airlines that fly to and from South Korea, including Singapore Airlines, Air France and British Airways.
Income from meal production also accounted for 2.2% ($219 million) of the company’s total revenue in 2015.