Changi ‘Passengers’ Arrested After Allegedly Trying to buy iPhones Without Flying

Singapore Changi
On September 16 two Singaporean nationals were arrested at Changi Airport after they allegedly tried to buy iPhone 7s from an airside shop without subsequently departing on a flight.
Following last week’s launch, the new iPhone 7 is in huge demand, however, there isn’t an official Apple store in Singapore so purchases have to be made online or via a third-party. It is thought the two people arrested were attempting to beat the potentially long wait to acquire one by purchasing flight tickets which enabled them to buy the iPhone 7 from shops in the post-security retail area. Had they departed on an international flight after buying their iPhones it would not have been a problem but they were arrested by police who said the two had “no intention” of leaving the country and therefore should not have entered the post-security check area.
Police have charged the two under the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act. If found guilty they could face fines of up to 1,000 Singapore dollars and a jail term of up to two years.