Inter-terminal Trains Introduced at Doha’s Hamad International Airport

(Photo: Hamad International Airport)

(Photo: Hamad International Airport)
(Photo: Hamad International Airport)

Doha’s Hamad International Airport (IATA: DOH) has announced that its dual passenger trains inside the airport terminal were introduced into service on November 1.
The two Passenger Trains are designed to shuttle between the South and North nodes of the terminal, significantly reducing travel time through the airport for both arriving and departing passengers, which includes transferring passengers.
Passengers departing from Hamad airport can board from the south station which will take them towards the north station located near concourses D and E. Arriving passengers can board at the north station and be taken towards the transfers hall and arrivals immigration located near the south station. To maintain segregation between departing and arriving passengers, designated carriages will be available for each of the factions.
Hamad International Airport opened the North Node to operations earlier this year.
Each passenger train has five carriages, with the design capacity of 38 persons per carriage which allows each train to transport up to 190 passengers at a time. The two passenger trains will be operated simultaneously on a 24/7 basis. Each trip between the two stations takes 90 seconds, with a 44-second waiting time at each station. The approximate walking time for the same distance is nine minutes.
The Passenger Trains will be operated at a speed of 23ft (7m) per second.
The airport says passengers with reduced mobility have easy access to utilise the facility, with or without an escort. Emotional support animals escorted by owners are also able to use the service but airport trolleys are not allowed inside the train.