Iran Air Takes Delivery of its First of 100 Airbus Aircraft

(Photo - Airbus)

(Photo - Airbus)
(Photo – Airbus)

On January 11, Iran Air took delivery of its first new aircraft, an A321, in a handover ceremony in Toulouse.
The delivery is the first from a firm order placed by Iran Air in December 2016 for 100 Airbus aircraft (46 single aisle and 54 widebody jets) to renew and expand its fleet.
“This significant milestone marks the first practical step in Iran Air’s ambitious passenger aircraft fleet renewal and its stronger presence in international civil aviation. Iranian travellers can be proud with our selection of the world’s most modern single aisle aircraft,” said Mr Farhad Parvaresh, Iran Air Chairman and CEO. “Iran Air is delighted with this first Airbus delivery and congratulates everyone involved who made it possible. Today signals that with international collaboration and co-operation, we can achieve mutually beneficial commercial goals.”
Iran is forecast to require some 400 to 500 new aircraft to modernise as well as to grow its existing passenger fleet to catch up with years of pent up demand on domestic as well as international routes.
Following years of sanctions placed upon Iran, Airbus said its delivery complies with all relevant international laws. It stated that it had “coordinated closely with regulators in the EU, US and elsewhere to ensure understanding and full compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPA),” and added that it will continue to act in full compliance with the conditions of the US Government Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) licences.