UK Department for Transport Makes Flying Easier for Breastfeeding Parents

Mother and Child 2
From February 8, 2017 air passengers carrying expressed breast milk will be able to carry an unlimited supply in hand luggage. A DfT press release said the milk must be in liquid form, not frozen, and must be presented in individual containers no larger than 2 litres. The milk will be subjected to screening and, if successful, will be allowed on board an aircraft. Passengers will not have to be accompanied by the breastfeeding infant.
Previously, expressed breast milk in quantities over 100ml was allowed only when the passenger was accompanied by an infant.
This change brings the UK into line with the USA, Canada and other EU member states.
The DfT has updated its guidance on its website to make it simpler for parents to understand what they can and cannot take in their hand luggage.
A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The UK has some of the strictest security measures in the world. As part of our ongoing work to improve passenger experience, travellers will now be allowed to carry liquid breast milk in hand luggage regardless of an infant being present.”