Milestone for Los Angeles’ Midfield Satellite Concourse

(Photo: LAWA)

(Photo: LAWA)
(Photo: LAWA)

The groundbreaking ceremony for Los Angeles International Airport’s new new $1.6 billion Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) took place February 27, 2017, marking another milestone in the airport’s modernisation.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and airport officials, using gold shovels, broke ground on phase one of the MSC. The five-level facility and an associated new baggage system will provide the nation’s second busiest airport with 12 new gates, a greatly enhanced guest experience, and additional flexibility to accommodate aircraft while other terminal upgrades at LAX are underway. The airport says the new construction work is taking place on the airfield and will have minimal impact on passengers. Tunnel and Gateway building construction around the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) will be phased so that no more than two TBIT gates will be closed at any time.


  1. Greate news for most favorite, Los Angeles Airport! LA airport is most beatifulle bridge to Australia, Europe, Asia, South America…

  2. Super excited to hear about the midfield concourse. Not surprising, it reflects the growing number of International flights (assuming this is for the additional TBT terminal. It was just a matter of time as one viewed out the window from taking off out of LAX, that more and more planes were resting at gates away from the main TBT. ANA, Air Tahiti Nui, El Al and many others are frequently seen out in the midfield, so a new terminal will be a sore for LAX. BIG HOORAY!!

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