Fraport Sets new Climate Protection Targets

German airport operator Fraport AG says it has met its climate protection targets “way ahead of schedule”. The company says its targets, which were set for the year 2020, were achieved in 2016, therefore, it has therefore set itself new climate protection targets (this time for 2030) modeled on the German government’s Climate Action Plan. By 2030, Fraport AG is aiming to cut CO2 emissions produced by operational activities at Frankfurt Airport to 80,000 metric tons. Compared with 1990 levels, which is the base year stipulated by the international climate protection agreement, this equates to a reduction of 65%. Emissions per transport unit are set to be reduced to 0.9kg of CO2 per passenger or 100kg of airfreight or airmail. On MAY 10, Fraport AG’s Chairman of the Executive Board, Dr Stefan Schulte, explained: “The fact that we have met our CO2 reduction target four years early shows just how successful our measures are. We will continue to optimise the energy efficiency ratings of our buildings, facilities and processes on an ongoing basis. This will be possible not least thanks to the efforts of our dedicated employees in Frankfurt and all over the world.”