Finavia Recruits Test Passengers for Helsinki Airport

Finavia is set to open the new south wing of Helsinki Airport this summer, but, before the opening, Finavia will invite 200 volunteers to the airport to test that the south wing operations work as they should.
Finavia has an ongoing development programme at Helsinki Airport, worth of almost one billion euros, which will expand the airport and increase its capacity. With the development programme, Finavia is prepared to serve 20 million passengers at Helsinki Airport per year in 2020.
The first part of the new extension, the south wing, is now ready for testing and waits for the final touch before being opened for passengers.
Finavia will arrange a unique deployment test in a role play spirit at Helsinki Airport on Thursday July 6, 2017. The purpose of the deployment test, which is the largest in the history of the airport, is to ensure before deployment that the terminal operations and processes at the south wing work as they should.
Ville Haapasaari, Finavia Airport Director explained: “The test day is arranged to ensure a smooth, pleasant travel experience, which is the cornerstone of all of our services. Test passengers will have a unique day at the airport and have the possibility to look behind the scenes.
“During the test day, the visibility of signs, passenger pleasantness and the technological solutions of the airport, among others, will be under scrutiny.
“For instance, we will test how well the test passengers find their way to the departure gate and how wheelchair passengers can move around at the airport. We will also check practical things, such as the operation of doors and moving walkways and the smoothness of boarding processes. The feedback we will receive from the test passengers is valuable, because we can then take passengers’ wishes and needs into consideration in finishing off the south wing.”

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  1. Unfortunately, I missed this great opportunity to participate in this team of 200 people.
    Greetings from Kingsford Smith Airport.
    Rodney Marinkovic at Home of Qantasville I.
    Kings Park NSW.
    Sydney AUSTRALIA

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