New Helsinki Airport Expansion Unveiled

Helsinki Airport south pier
The new south pier of Helsinki Airport (IATA: HEL) was opened for passengers and air traffic on Monday, July 10. The first flight from the new location departed from gate 54 at 2:10pm to New York, operated by Finnair.
Finavia’s Technical Director, Henri Hansson, commented: “On July 6 around 200 volunteers tested the functionality of the south pier and verified that everything was working as it should. According to the feedback from the testers, the new extension is full of light, comfortable and a well-functioning part of the airport. It could be taken into use straight away after the test.
“Opening the south pier for air traffic is a unique moment in the history of the airport. I want to thank everybody who took part in the test for their important contribution to the development of Helsinki Airport.”
The extension was inaugurated on a historically significant day as Helsinki Airport itself was opened on exactly the same day 65 years ago.