Halifax Stanfield Begins Airfield Restoration Programme

Halifax Airfield Restoration Project
A runway project is set to begin next week at Halifax Stanfield International Airport (IATA: YHZ), part of a ten-Year airfield restoration programme. This is the first year of the programme and the airport says work will focus upon those areas showing the greatest deterioration, including the South Apron, Taxiway Alpha and Runway 05/23.
Following extensive weather research and analysis, the construction schedule was developed to minimise the risk of weather conditions impacting upon flights. such as high winds and/or low visibility.
This year’s airfield restoration is being completed in three phases:
South Apron
The first phase was completed in June when the South Apron was restored with no impact on passengers or cargo operations.
Taxiway Alpha
The second phase will begin on August 21st when a portion of Taxiway Alpha will be restored. This work is scheduled to be completed by early September and is expected to have minimal impact on operations.
Runway 05/23
The third phase will see work completed to restore a 2,625ft (800m) section of the airport’s main runway (05/23). This work is scheduled to begin early September with completion near the end of October.
Due to the location of the work on the main runway, operations on both runways will be impacted:
• The airport’s secondary runway (14/32) will be temporarily closed for approximately five days (tentatively scheduled for September 5-10) and the operational length of the main runway (05/23) will be shortened for the duration of the project. While runway 05/23 will be shortened during the construction period, it will still allow ample room for all regularly scheduled aircraft to operate.
• While other flight navigation aids will be operational, the instrument landing system (ILS) on the main runway will be unavailable. ILS will still be available on the secondary runway, with the exception of when it’s temporarily closed for approximately five days. This means that in unusual weather conditions and while runway 14/32 is closed, delays and schedule changes may occur for certain types of aircraft (those which rely on ILS during poor visibility and high winds combined).
The airport says updates about the airfield restoration programme and any related impact on airport operations will be issued as the project progresses.