JetBlue is Launch Airline for A320 Family Airspace Cabin

US low-cost-carrier JetBlue will become the first airline to introduce Airspace by Airbus on the A320 Family. JetBlue customers will experience this newest A320 Family cabin aboard JetBlue aircraft starting in late 2020.
Robin Hayes, President and CEO of JetBlue commented: “The Airspace cabin is aligned with our efforts to create an experience as comfortable as your own living room. We are looking forward to our continued partnership with Airbus. The launch of the new Airspace by Airbus interior will take JetBlue’s commitment to customer experience to the next level.”
Airbus says the new Airspace cabin in the A320 Family will include a customizable welcome effect is extended throughout the cabin by a central lighting strip which is visible even with open bin doors during boarding. The manufacturer notes that the A320 Family cabin with Airspace will be wider than that currently available, have the industry’s largest overhead bins and the soothing ambience of the latest full-colour LED lighting, plus a contemporary lavatory design with new comfort features.