New Radar for Billund Airport

(Photo: Billund Airport)

(Photo: Billund Airport)
(Photo: Billund Airport)

Spain’s Indra has been selected to provide a new generation of radar equipment for Billund International Airport (IATA: BLL). It follows a tender process organised by the Danish air navigation service provider, NAVIAIR.
Indra will integrate new primary radar co-mounted with an enhanced mode S secondary surveillance radar to support en-route, approach and landing manoeuvres.
Primary radar detects all aircraft in its range without the need of aircraft cooperation, while enhanced mode secondary radar selectively interrogates each of them to obtain an answer with precise identification and other relevant data, such as its course and altitude. This information helps controllers manage air traffic with precision and safety.
The enhanced mode S also gives a clearer air picture of the airspace, which reduces the need for controllers to communicate with pilots via radio and consequently their workload. It also contributes to the early identification of potential conflicts on the various routes to avoid traffic congestion and delays.
Making all this information available is especially helpful in highly dense traffic areas like Denmark’s airspace and Billund International Airport.
Indra says the new radars will also be able to mitigate for the interference caused by wind energy turbines, a particularly relevant aspect in this area, and are better equipped to perform in adverse weather conditions.
As an option included in the contract, Indra will also provide support and repair services for the next ten years when needed to ensure the proper operation of the system throughout its entire lifecycle.