Brussels Airlines Says Goodbye to the AVRO RJ Airliner

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Brussels Airlines' last AVRO RJ100, OO-DWD, will be retired from service on October 28.   (Brussels Airlines)

Brussels Airlines’ last AVRO RJ100, OO-DWD, will be retired from service on October 28. (Brussels Airlines)

On October 28, Brussels Airlines will turn an important page in its history book. With flight SN2720 Geneva-Brussels, the airline will operate its very last scheduled flight with the AVRO jet.
Produced by the British manufacturer British Aerospace, the AVRO has played an important role in the growth of Brussels Airlines. When the airline was founded fifteen years ago its fleet consisted exclusively of 32 AVRO type aircraft (12 AVRO RJ100, 14 RJ85 and 6 Bae146) that were acquired from Sabena subsidiary DAT.
Since then, 31.5 million passengers have flown on board a Brussels Airlines AVRO jet to a European destination.
The airline says more than 500 Belgian pilots and a thousand cabin crew members started their career on board the four-engined jet and several hundred Brussels Airlines aircraft engineers have been responsible for the aircrafts’ maintenance.
In October 2008
The last AVRO/Bae146 left the fleet in October 2008 and the company stood down its last AVRO RJ85 in 2014. At the end of October the last family member will leave the company as the AVRO RJ100 registered OO-DWD is retired. The very last scheduled flight brings passengers to Geneva in the morning and returns to Brussels Airport in the evening.
Until the end of October, OO-DWD will continue to operate on a daily basis. Those who still want to fly on board ‘Whiskey-Delta’ can do so. On Saturdays for example, a day trip to Geneva is possible with OO-DWD on flights SN2713 BRU-GVA in the morning and back on SN2720 in the evening. On weekdays the aircraft is regularly used for scheduled flights to Warsaw (departure Brussels at 0930), Basel (departure Brussels at 1605) and Copenhagen (departure Brussels at 1930).

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