Cyprus Airports Exceed 10 million Passengers

(Photo: Hermes Airports)

Hermes Airports is celebrating the success of Larnaka and Paphos airports, which for the first time in their history have surpassed the ten million passenger milestone.
As part of the celebrations at Larnaka Airport, Hermes Airports honoured a departing passenger, who according to Hermes’ calculations, was recorded as the passenger-number “10 million”.
In his speech, Mr Marios Dimitriades, Minister of Transportation, Communications and Works, expressed his satisfaction for this achievement by saying: “I wish to congratulate both Hermes Airports and all those who contributed to this tremendous success. What is need now, is to avoid complacency, continue the good teamwork and the positive results.”
During his address, Mr Panayiotis Hadjipantelis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hermes Airports, stressed that: “As much work was required to increase the passenger traffic, equivalent work is needed to maintain and increase it. The immediate tackling of the structural problems and malfunctions of the tourism sector must become an irreversible goal, along with the repositioning of our tourist identity. The challenge is there, in the same way that prospects are there too. Cyprus has several comparative advantages that makes the island an attractive tourist destination. It’s our obligation to build on them with professionalism and in a methodical manner, so that we can achieve our goals.”
In her address, Ms Eleni Kaloyirou, Chief Executive Officer of Hermes Airports, said: “The company does not perceive the prospect of developing the two airports through a mathematical approach.
“On the contrary, we are particularly interested in quality and it is precisely for this reason that alongside our efforts to increase the passenger traffic we have also undertaken specific initiatives, have invested substantial amounts and have given special emphasis to the efforts of improving our services.”
According to Hermes Airports’ calculations, 2017 annual passenger traffic is expected to see an increase of about 14% this year compared to 2016.