Hamburg Airport Welcomes 17-millionth passenger for 2017

Michael Eggenschwiler and Silke Wobken welcome Timo Heidorn, the 17-millionth passenger at Hamburg Airport. (HAM)

For the first time in its almost 107-year history, Hamburg Airport has crossed the mark of 17 million passengers in one year. The 17-millionth passenger for this year was Timo Heidorn, who flew from Hamburg on December 18 with Lufthansa. Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, and Silke Wobken, Sales Director of the Lufthansa Group for northern Germany, welcomed the jubilee passenger at check-in this morning.
“North Germany’s travellers have made even more use of the diverse route network of the airlines at Hamburg Airport this year than in previous years. This shows that Hamburg Airport is fulfilling its public duty of ensuring the region’s mobility,” said Michael Eggenschwiler. “At the start of 2017, we could not have believed that the number of passengers would grow so strongly again. But this growth of between seven and eight percent underlines a trend: flying today is much more than just the annual summer break or a business-class trip. The aeroplane has become a completely normal means of transport; for some people, it is a regular part of family life. It connects friends and acquaintances across national boundaries and even continents.”
In comparison to 2016, Hamburg Airport expects to report its passenger numbers rising by somewhere between seven and eight percent.