3D Animated Video of Istanbul New Airport Released

(Image: IGA)
(Image: IGA)

Istanbul New Airport, set to open in October, has released a 3D animated promotional video revealing an array of features and services that are being introduced.
Scheduled be operational on October 29, 2018 with an annual passenger capacity of 200 million once all the phases are finalized, the presentation depicts how the smart technologies at the terminal building inspired by the cultural heritage of Istanbul will shape passenger experience.
The video puts a spotlight on the shopping and food and beverage outlets and displays duty-free stores that have been designed with inspiration from the Bosphorus. The airport says the stores will also have a mobile app pre-order feature that enables product delivery without customer wait time. The video also reveals brand new services such as the passenger guide robot and the “Where is my car?” app to provide passengers with maximum comfort at minimum wait time, while offering a peek into the passenger experience to be delivered once the airport is completed. Istanbul New Airport will have 143 passenger boarding bridges, 13 check-in counter islands, 468 check-in desks, 114 self-service check-in kiosks, 228 passport control counters, 51 bag drop units, and ePassport gates.
To see the 3D animated movie, please click here: https://youtu.be/Ju6FJ8qRTtk