Vilnius Airport to Start Terminal Modernisation

After completing its runway reconstruction last summer, this year Vilnius Airport is about to start the reconstruction of its passenger terminal.

The airport says the modernisation and expansion of the current terminal will offer passengers a faster and more convenient service as well as a wider range of goods available.  The first phase of renovation is about to start in February.

According to Airport Director Olaf Martens, the current terminal building – opened in  2007 – has a capacity of 3.5 million passengers per year.  However, in 2016 and 2017 passenger traffic rose to almost 3.8 million per year, triggering the airport’s decision to proceed with the new project.

Mr Martens added that after its reconstruction, Lithuania’s main air gateway can welcome up to 20 thousand passengers per day, compared to the current 9.5 thousand.  However, during the summer season, this number reaches up to 14-15 thousand.

The task will be done in several phases with the last one scheduled to end in 2021.

It will begin with the reconstruction of the sterile area, which is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.