Royal Jordanian Invites People to Choose a Name for its Frequent Flyer Programme

Royal Jordanian has invited its Jordanian fans, customers and frequent flyers to take part in renaming the airline’s loyalty program, by submitting their suggestions through RJ’s social media channels.

The carrier says rebranding the name comes in line with its business plan to restructure and strengthen the programme’s offerings.

The renaming campaign will last until February 27, 2018 and those interested in suggesting the rebranding name can visit the following link:, available on RJ’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

RJ says the name should follow certain criteria: a one- or two-word name that should work in both Arabic and English and reflect pride; it should relate to Royal Jordanian and flying.  The tone should be premium and elegant, yet the name itself should be catchy and easy to read and pronounce.

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