Heathrow Western Hub Proposal by the Arora Group

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Artist’s impression of the Western Hub. (Illustration via Arora)

The Arora Group has unveiled its plans for new terminal buildings at London Heathrow Airport, as part of its bid to undertake development of Heathrow’s expansion. Known as the ‘Western Hub’, the new terminals are designed to provide capacity for over 50 million additional passengers and will transform passenger experience and efficiency at the UK’s premier gateway. The company estimates the cost of its airport expansion to full capacity is £14.4bn.

Arora’s Western Hub plans have been designed by internationally acclaimed architects, Corgan, who are responsible for many of the world’s leading airport terminals. The Arora proposals concentrate new terminal capacity on the western side of Heathrow, between the existing Terminal 5 (T5) and the M25. This avoids the need to redevelop existing terminals in the Heathrow central area (Terminals 2 and 3).

Instead of new, independent terminal buildings, the Western Hub integrates new passenger facilities with T5 into a single hub campus. At the heart is a new central concourse, which would serve as a single front door for all 85m passengers using the Western Hub. This building would include one of the UK’s largest and most important rail interchanges.

The central concourse would provide fast and easy access to both Terminal 5 and to the new Terminal 6, with an elevated bridge concourse providing panoramic views over the airfield for passengers, and easy navigation underneath for aircraft.

Surinder Arora, founder & chairman of the Arora Group, said: We are passionate about developing a Heathrow that delivers a truly world-leading experience; one that works for airlines; one that offers passengers a top-class journey; and one that has the commercial grounding to be a long-term success for the nation to take pride in.”

On April 26, the existing airport company (Heathrow Airport Limited) launched a pitch process to encourage potential commercial development partners to share their innovative ideas on how to deliver expansion.

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