Virgin Australia Swaps Boeing 737 MAX Orders

Virgin Australia already operates a fleet of Boeing 737s but is converting its orders for ten MAX 8s to the larger MAX 10 model. (KEY - Tom Allett)

Virgin Australia is to expand its fleet capacity by converting orders for ten MAX 8s to the larger MAX 10 model.

The airline, which has a number of 737 MAX 8s on order, said it saw the value of adding the MAX 10 to the mix as the aircraft will provide additional capacity and flexibility.

Virgin Australia Group Chief Financial Officer Geoff Smith said: “We are pleased to be welcoming the 737 MAX 10 aircraft into our expanding fleet in 2022.  The addition of the 737 MAX 10 will provide us with additional flexibility and capability to support our network and operations.  We are proud to become Australia’s first operator of the 737 MAX and we look forward to the opportunities that operating this type of aircraft will open up to us.”

With its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, the Virgin Australia Group is the country’s second-largest airline with a fleet of more than 130 aircraft.