Ryanair Changes Ground Handler at Stansted

(Photo: MAG)

Ryanair has announced that it has chosen OmniServ as its future ground handler at London Stansted Airport (IATA: STN).

From February 1, 2019, OmniServ (operating as Blue Handling) will provide all of Ryanair’s check-in, baggage and ground operations handling at Stansted where it has more than 40 based aircraft and 200+ daily departures.

OmniServ will replace Swissport at Stansted, who will continue to handle Ryanair’s operations at more than 40 other airports across the UK and Europe. All current Swissport staff at Stansted will be offered contracts with OmniServ from February 1, in order to minimise disruptions.

Swissport said it was “disappointed” by the move and explained: “Ryanair’s new decision to invest more resource in the ground handling operation at Stansted affirms the arguments we have long been making about the unique challenges of this contract and the need for further investment by the airline.

“Both Swissport and Ryanair recognized the need to review operations at the airport in light of unprecedented challenges over the summer brought about through significant UK Air Traffic Control delays and weather disruptions.”

Ryanair’s Director of Operations, Adrian Dunne said: “We are pleased to award our London Stansted handling contract to OmniServ, from 1st February next, who will operate as Blue Handling. We look forward to working with both OmniServ and Stansted Airport to improve the customer experience and punctuality at Stansted for the 21m Ryanair customers who will travel through the airport this year. We sincerely thank Swissport for their services provided at Stansted and will continue to work with them at over 40 other airports.”

London Stansted’s Chief Executive Officer, Ken O’Toole commented: “We welcome Ryanair’s significant investment in their customer service provision at London Stansted Airport – it’s great news for the 21 million passengers who use the airline every year from our airport and provides a strong foundation for their future growth. We are confident that this will deliver a real step change in the customer experience for passengers and we look forward to working with Ryanair to deliver these changes.”