Sponsored: Honeywell helps airports soar to new heights

Today’s airports are some of the busiest establishments out there and air travel is only expected to increase in the coming years. Luckily, the Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and technological advancements based on connectivity have led to new ways for airports to tackle the complicated challenges they face, while allowing them to create a seamless, safe, and efficient experience for their customers.

Honeywell NAVITAS™, the new smart airport technology that harnesses the power of IoT, is helping to improve the safety and efficiency of airport operations. Utilizing mobile applications and dashboards,  the technology helps to coordinate the integration of air and ground traffic control along with airport operations through various modules. The unification of these critical components allows airport personnel to adapt to changing situations, such as increased traffic, faster and more efficiently, while getting passengers where they need to be safely and on time.


From security to takeoff, it’s unlikely the average traveler has any understanding of the coordinated performance that takes place behind the scenes. With a variety of employees including security, engineers, airport staff, technicians, and air traffic controllers, all parties are responsible for equally important but remarkably different pieces to the overall puzzle. By implementing a system that is based on connectivity between everyone and everything, you are able to better integrate key airport functions and roles, resulting in more streamlined operations.

Looking closer, Honeywell NAVITAS can provide airport operators with real time data to help with quicker and more precise decision-making so that variables like weather, ground traffic conditions, and security situations don’t have to get in the way of smooth operations. With the advantages of a IoT-connected technology, airports can turn data into insightful information, helping to ensure a safe and successful experience for employees and travelers alike. Find out more here.