Sponsored: How to Optimize Airport Performance with Real-Time Visualizations

How to Optimize Airport Performance with Real-Time Visualizations

Efficiency is the name of the game for airports today. Increased numbers of travelers and frequency of flights without expanding infrastructure poses serious challenges for the industry. Airports need to utilize connected technology and available data to work smarter with what they have. By taking advantage of the transformative IoT opportunity, airports can achieve more efficient operations while keeping travelers moving.

Honeywell NAVITAS™, the new smart airport technology that harnesses the power of IoT, is one such advancement helping airports do just that. Utilizing mobile applications and dashboards, the technology helps to coordinate the integration of air and ground traffic control along with airport operations through various modules.

Honeywell NAVITAS Performance Manager, specifically, allows you to optimize performance with real-time visualizations. Airport staff can collaborate and evaluate operations in line with goals and key performance indicators. For example, the data that is collected can be analyzed and used to help achieve milestones for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM), helping to improve operational efficiency and ultimately better match the demand to the existing capacity of airports.

The module leverages dashboards whose powerful capabilities enable you to visualize performance in real time along with past and future events, helping you to learn from previous scenarios and prepare effectively for new ones. With this connected airport technology, you can implement proactive management, make more data-driven decisions, and anticipate disruption. The module is also accessible both on premise and remotely – providing access to a common base of holistic information for all airport staff to use for rapidly coordinating resolutions.

Honeywell NAVITAS Performance Manager is just one of the pieces to a larger puzzle that can help to ensure that for your airport team, it’s all systems go. To learn more about this technology and others, download the Honeywell NAVITAS brochure here.