Boeing Delivers First 737 MAX for Eastar Jet

Eastar Jet 737 MAX 8 Flyaway - December 19, 2018. (Photo: Boeing)

Boeing delivered the first 737 MAX for Eastar Jet on December 19, making it the first Korean airline to receive the more fuel-efficient and longer-range version of the 737.

“We are excited to take delivery of this brand new 737 MAX airplane,” said Jong-Gu Choi, President of Eastar Jet. “The introduction of the 737 MAX into our fleet reflects the efforts we are making to modernise our product offering and provide a world-class experience to our customers. In addition, the superior economics and longer-range capability of the 737 MAX will enable us to expand our network into new and existing markets more efficiently, which will help us achieve long-term growth.”

Eastar Jet will take delivery of another 737 MAX 8 later this month, which will join the airline’s existing fleet of next-generation 737s.

In Eastar Jet configuration, the MAX 8 will be able to fly more than 3,100 nautical miles (5,740km) – 500 nautical miles farther than the previous 737 models – while providing 14% better fuel efficiency.

In addition to modernising its fleet, Eastar Jet will use Boeing Global Services to enhance its operations. These services include Maintenance Performance Toolbox, which delivers real-time access to information technicians need to quickly resolve emergent aircraft maintenance issues and keep airlines on schedule.

Based at Gimpo/Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Korea, Eastar Jet launched operations in 2007 with Next-Generation 737s. Since then, Korea’s low-cost carrier (LCC) market has grown significantly and has become the largest LCC market in Northeast Asia. Over the past five years, the market segment has grown more than 30% annually. Based on this growth and the introduction of the 737 MAX 8 to its fleet, Eastar Jet will be able to expand into new markets such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur among other future destinations.