Helsinki Airport Introduces the Aukio

(Photo: Finavia)

Passengers at Helsinki Airport have been able to use a new expansion area since February 8. Named Aukio, it is the space at the heart of the long-haul expansion area, through which departing passengers reach their flights and where arriving passengers get their first impressions of Finland.

Before the opening, a test day event was organised on February 6 to get feedback from different passenger groups, helping to ensure smooth travelling already before the area was put into full passenger use.

“In 2017 we hosted a passenger test day before opening the South pier expansion. The feedback was valuable, so we definitely wanted to have a similar test run with Aukio,” said Kati Hollmén,Marketing Coordinator at Finavia, one of the organisers of the day.

An invitation to the event was shared on Finavia’s social media channels, where hundreds of applicants soon expressed their interest. The goal was to get passengers with different profiles – from frequent flyers to first timers, from families with children to those with handicaps.

There will be more details about Helsinki Airport’s new Aukio area in the March edition of Airports International magazine.