Airbus to end A380 Production

(Photo: Emirates)

Airbus has announced that it will cease production of the world’s largest airliner, the giant A380 ‘superjumbo’ which first entered commercial service in October 2007.

The decision follows Emirates’ decision to cut back its most recent A380 order in favour of smaller types. It simultaneously announced an order for 40 A330-900s and 30 A350-900s.

Emirates will still take delivery of a further 14 A380s over the next two years but its fleet of ‘superjumbos’ will now extend to 123 airframes instead of 162. Airbus said the last A380 deliveries will take place in 2021.

The airline’s chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum said: “Emirates has been a staunch supporter of the A380 since its very inception.

“While we are disappointed to have to give up our order, and sad that the programme could not be sustained, we accept that this is the reality of the situation.”