New Salons for Vienna Airport’s VIP Terminal

(Photo: Vienna Airport)

Five new VIP salons have been opened at Vienna Airport’s VIP Terminal. The opening ceremony took place on February 26, 2019 in the presence of Günther Ofner and Julian Jäger, members of the management board of Flughafen Wien AG as well as Michael Zach and Joubin Pour, Managing Directors of Vienna Aircraft Handling. Domestic celebrities from business and culture were among the numerous guests.

The new facilities are said to be designed in the “Golden Heritage” style, with noble wood elements on the walls, superior flooring and comfortable, upholstered furniture.

Mr Jäger said: “High quality and first-class service for our passengers comprises is the absolute priority at Vienna Airport. We are committed to make our services of the highest quality, such as the VIP Service, accessible to everyone.”

Michael Zach and Joubin Pour, the two managing directors of Vienna Aircraft Handling, commented: “Our travellers can now expect even more comfort in the exclusive atmosphere to which they are accustomed. Each person who books our VIP Service should feel comfortable and at ease, regardless of whether he is taking a scheduled flight or his own private jet.

“For this reason, we intentionally paid attention in designing the salons to fusing Viennese charm and international flair, so that every guest feels at home. It was also important to us to ensure that the entire value chain, from design to production, was ‘Made in Austria.”