United Airlines Unveils New Colour Scheme

(Photo: United Airlines)

After a week of hints and glimpses United Airlines officially unveiled its new colour scheme on April 24.

The new look prominently features three shades of blue described as ‘Rhapsody’, ‘United’ and Sky blue, which are all used throughout the design.

(Image: United Airlines)

The airline has retained its globe logo on the aircrafts’ tail, which represents the carrier’s expansive route network but the existing gold paint is replaced predominantly by Sky Blue. The engines and wingtips are also being painted United Blue, and the swoop line that is carried by United’s Dreamliner fleet will be added to all aircraft in Rhapsody Blue. United’s name will appear larger and in block capitals on the fuselage and the lower half of the body will be painted ‘runway gray’. The airline’s mission statement: ‘Connecting people. Uniting the world’ will also be painted near the door of each aircraft.

The first aircraft to be unveiled was a Boeing 737-800.