NAV CANADA to Install Time-Based ATC Spacing System at Toronto 

(Photo: NATS)

The Canadian air traffic service provider NAV CANADA is to install new approach technology at its Toronto Area Control Centre. The system, called Intelligent Approach, will help to improve flight punctuality at Canada’s busiest airport, Toronto Pearson.
The project will see air traffic service provider NAV CANADA working with NATS – its UK counterpart – and the technology firm Leidos, to deploy the time-based spacing system already in use at London’s Heathrow Airport.
Intelligent Approach – developed jointly by NATS and Leidos – works by dynamically calculating the optimum time between arriving aircraft based on their type and the prevailing weather conditions. This allows airports to maintain runway capacity in strong headwinds by safely reducing the space between arrivals when the use of set distances would otherwise result in a reduced landing rate.
Guy Adams, NATS commercial director, said: “Intelligent Approach has been making a huge difference to the Heathrow operation for four years now, helping to cut headwinds delays by more than 60% and improve airport punctuality, so we are delighted to see our friends at NAV CANADA adopting the same technology. I’m certain it will deliver similar benefits for the Toronto operation and is another example of the success of our partnership orientated approach, this time working closely with Leidos.”