Fraport AGM: Shareholders to Receive Dividend of €2.00 per Share

Fraport CEO Dr Stefan Schulte (left) and supervisory board chairman Karlheinz Weimar. (Fraport)

At Fraport AG’s regular Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 28, 99.97% of the shareholders approved the recommended dividend of €2.00 per share. Thus, the dividend for fiscal year 2018 will increase by 50 euro cents, or by one third compared to the previous year.

Shareholders also ratified the actions of the company’s executive and supervisory boards for fiscal year 2018, by 99.50% and 94.73% respectively. Voting took place after Dr Stefan Schulte presented the company’s 2018 business year and answered all of the questions posed by the shareholders.

A total of 1,031 shareholders – representing 88.37% of Fraport AG’s capital stock – attended this year’s AGM at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt-Höchst.  The event was Chaired by Fraport AG’s supervisory board chairman Karlheinz Weimar.