Salzburg Runway Reopens After Refurbishment

The first flight to touch down on Salzburg's newly refurbished runway was a Eurowings A319 from Stuttgart. (Salzburg Airport)

Salzburg Airport’s runway reopened on the evening of May 28 after a five-week refurbishment project. A Eurowings Airbus A319 was the first aircraft to touch down on the new surface, arriving from Stuttgart at 9pm local time.

The planning element of the task began in 2016 and the airport opted to close completely for five weeks to get the job done. Bad weather hampered work on several occasions, but the project was completed on time.

Project Manager Florian Höll said: “I have been able to watch, what a highly motivated and well-established team can achieve! Quite honestly, I am relieved that it is over and that I will be able to go on vacation for a couple of weeks. But, looking back, I must say that I am more than proud of the project and all the people involved.”