Union Settles pay Dispute with Menzies Aviation

The GMB trade union has announced that it has settled a pay dispute of behalf of Menzies Aviation staff who carry out ground handling duties at Heathrow Airport.

The union said the settlement followed “a nine-month battle” with the company and secured its members one extra day of leave after 3 years, 6 years, 9 years, and 12 years’ service, which will be backdated meaning that employees on Menzies contracts can attain the extra leave which they have earnt on their next anniversary of employment. The union said it has also secured a working agreement to review and attain several other benefits for staff, including sickness benefit and skill payments. Menzies Aviation has set out a timeline to resolve and implement these actions by January 31, 2020.

Trevlyn McLeod, GMB regional organiser commented: “We are happy that after so many months Menzies sat down with us and we were able to resolve some of the issues that are of great concern to our members. It has been a long hard struggle to gain ground with Menzies, but we are happy to say we have made some headway into improving our members’ terms and conditions.
“Our members felt that Menzies offer devalued the workforce and was an insult to all the staff affected and was agreed despite a 97% rejection. 3.5% and 3% over two years is not ample reward for the daily and duress staff are forced to continually operate under.
“We as a union represent all the work force and what we see as gains for some employees will lead to gains for all employees now and in the future. What we gain today cannot be taken away and should be built upon and enhanced so everybody can reap the benefits.
“All our members should be proud of what they have achieved in the last two years.”