Rapiscan Metor 6E Receives ECAC Certification

Rapiscan Systems has announced that its Metor 6E people screening solution has achieved the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and European Union (EU) performance standard for walk-through metal detectors.
ECAC has established a Common Evaluation Process (CEP) and standards for testing security equipment. Passing the performance standard for walk through metal detectors signifies that the Metor 6E can be used in airports within the ECAC/EU.
The Metor 6E’s features include automatic interactive sensitivity adjustment, automatic frequency selection, power guard and violation monitoring.
Mal Maginnis, president of Rapiscan Systems commented: “Achieving this performance standard is a great accomplishment for the Rapiscan team, and demonstrates our commitment to investing in the highest quality technologies. Many customers around the world rely on the ECAC/EU when setting their own standards and now will be able to acquire the Metor 6E.”