Teesside International Airport Returns!

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen at Teesside International Airport.

The Teesside International Airport name is flying once again after Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen fulfilled his 2017 campaign pledge and returned the former Durham Tees Valley Airport (IATA: MME) to its original name.

The name was originally changed from Teesside International Airport to Durham Tees Valley Airport in 2004, to the disappointment of many local people. However, an online poll was completed by 14,000 people in December 2018, with 93% supporting a rebrand back to the airport’s pre-2004 name.

The new logo uses the original colours of the airport from before the 2004 rebrand of blue and green, incorporating into the design one of Teesside’s most famous natural landmarks, Roseberry Topping.

The airport said that, to ensure value for money, the rebranding and design was done in-house working closely with the airport’s operator, Stobart Aviation. The new signage was produced by Shutter Media, which is based at the airport, in line with the Mayor’s commitment to work with local companies and suppliers wherever possible.

Since its return to public ownership Stobart Aviation was named as the airport’s new operator in March and is supporting the Tees Valley Mayor’s ten-year rescue plan for the airport. Another boost was provided by Balkan Holidays beginning a full programme of summer holiday charter flights in May 2019. Due to their popularity, Balkan Holidays has confirmed that it will now run a second summer of holidays in 2020. In July 2019, JetsGo Holidays announced that from Summer 2020 flights will take off to Majorca, Spain.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said: “We bought back our airport just over four months ago, as I promised we would, and now I’m delighted to re-launch it today under its rightful name of Teesside International.

“The people of Teesside voted overwhelmingly to change our airport’s name back and I’ve delivered it for them.

“Despite my job title, I know that people prefer Teesside to Tees Valley. When I speak to international investors they don’t know where Durham Tees Valley is either. For me, our airport name should reflect a brand people know and understand.

“This is a cheap and cheerful rebrand designed in-house and hasn’t been dreamt up by an expensive London PR agency. We’ve gone back to the airport’s old colours and incorporated Roseberry Topping – our region’s most famous natural landmark.

“Last week we announced the first flights to Spain from this airport for seven years. We’re making good progress on our rescue plan to restore Teesside International to its former glory.”