New Digital Signage for Prague Airport

New digital signage, capable of displaying six languages, is on trial at Václav Havel Prague Airport. (PRG).

New signage, capable of displaying six languages, has been unveiled at Václav Havel Prague Airport (IATA: PRG).

Located at the entrance to pier B in Terminal 1, eight digital screens provide information in Czech, English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Russian.

The airport operator said the signage information reflects the current traffic and is adjusted as and when required to suit the passenger flow throughout the day. The new technology is still in a test phase that will run to the end of October. If deemed successful, its use will be extended across the airport.

Václav Řehoř, chairman of the board of directors of Letiště Praha commented: “As the number of flights at Prague Airport continues increasing, so does the number of passengers with specific language requirements. The growing amount of air traffic calls for information to be provided faster and more efficiently. Therefore, digital signage is another project of Prague Airport´s technology development, which goes hand-in-hand with its construction development.”