Opening Day for inter airport Europe 2019

The IAE 2019 award winners. (Mack Brooks)

The 22nd edition of inter airport Europe, the international exhibition for airport equipment, technology, design and services, was officially opened today at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. Until Friday, October 11, 2019, a total of 659 exhibitors from 40 countries will present the latest airport equipment on a total net exhibition space of 33,550 square metres. The organiser, Mack Brooks Exhibitions, said this represents a 5.5% increase in floor space compared with the previous event in 2017. The most numerous exhibitor countries, besides Germany, are France, Great Britain, the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, China, Spain, Sweden and Austria.

Nicola Hamann, MD of Mack Brooks, opened the exhibition and greeted the speakers at the ceremony: Dr Michael Kerkloh, president and CEO Munich Airport and Kay Bärenfänger, President GATE – German Airport Technology & Equipment.


The inter airport Europe 2019 Awards Winners

After the opening ceremony, the inter airport Europe Excellence Awards were announced and handed over to the winning companies. The Award winners were once again selected via an online voting system on the inter airport Europe show website. Exhibitors submitted their entries in the four exhibition categories interTERMINAL, interDATA, interRAMP and interDESIGN. A fifth prize was awarded in the category interFUTURE, covering the recent trend in the airport industry, the airport of the future. More than 50 innovations were posted by exhibiting companies on the show website and the international airport community was invited to vote for their favourite entry in each of the categories.

Award winner 2019 for the interTERMINAL category is Daifuku Airport Technologies from the United Kingdom. Daifuku is awarded for their Sym3 Operator to visualise a 3D render of the Baggage Handling System. State-of-the-art features allow users to accurately track bags. Special to Sym3 is the ability to view and access data on any device via a web interface.

The award in the interDATA category went to Alpha-CIM from France. They are awarded for ISAC, a stop bar & lead-on control system with fiber optic. This innovative and cutting-edge technology solution brings a more responsive and reliable equipment to airport’s operators than most current basic powerline products. The main benefits of ISAC compared to usual current systems are its excellent response time and ease of implementation.

The award winner 2019 for the interRAMP category is Linde Material Handling GmbH from Germany for Linde Safety Guard. The Linde Safety Guard detects other vehicles or pedestrians before they recognise each other. It can reduce speed automatically in defined areas and can be configured to suit many dangerous scenarios. Active alarms triggered by hazards enable operators and pedestrians to react immediately. The innovative assistance system thus increases safety of all parties working in close proximity to each other.

VRR from the Netherlands received the award in the category interDESIGN, the inflatable Air5. The inflatable Air5, which weighs approximately 150lbs (68kg), folds out automatically and takes shape in just 30 seconds using air pressure. To collapse the container, air is released, which takes just two people and one minute. By using materials and techniques that originate from similar applications where operated in extreme environments, no concessions have been made with regard to the structure’s weight, robustness, strength or safety.

The fifth award in the new category interFUTURE went to Vanderlande from the Netherlands. The BAGFLOW end-to-end baggage logistics encompasses the complete bag journey from the moment it is handed over by the passenger to the point where it is loaded on to an aircraft. It makes use of the world’s best proven technology with cutting-edge innovations in autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence and predictive data analytics to maximise operational excellence. This is supported by airport-wide baggage controls.

Nicola Hamann closed the opening and awards ceremony: “I would like to thank the award winners for their participation and their fantastic new products and services. Let me wish all exhibitors at this year’s 22nd edition of inter airport Europe a successful and prosperous show and all visitors a rewarding time here at the exhibition.”