New Taxiway and De-icing Facility Opened at London Luton Airport

(Photo: London Luton Airport)

London Luton Airport (IATA: LTN) has announced the completion of Taxiway Foxtrot, a second new taxiway as part of its £160m transformation programme. An airport statement on November 6 said that Taxiway Foxtrot had opened in August. It follows the completion of Taxiway Bravo, which opened in early 2018.

The airport said Taxiway Foxtrot is 1,706ft (520m)-long, required 211,888cu ft (6,000m3) of concrete and 110,000 hours to complete. More than 5.5 miles (9km) of electric cables connect the 150 LED lights on the new taxiway and 141,258cu ft (4,000m³) of earth was re-used during the construction phase.

The airport said its introduction has helped it to manage aircraft ground movements more efficiently and contribute to its efforts to minimise delays.

Taxiway Foxtrot also includes one of the largest remote de-icing facilities in Europe. It can de-ice up to seven aircraft at once and incorporates 1,968ft (600m) of drainage to ensure that all de-icing liquid is captured and disposed of safely.

Neil Thompson, Operations Director at LLA said: “This new taxiway will enable us to efficiently manage the ever-increasing number of aircraft that use the airport. The de-icing facility will also help us to and our airline partners to deliver punctual departures year-round, whatever the weather.”